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Our black and white "Fists" logo is the endorsement of love, a platform which feeds harmonisation and positive influence that is infectious, and keeps the world spinning on its axis.

People enter our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Whilst embarking on our individual quests, we found each other, became soul mates, and have remained in each other's lives ever since.

The rest is our unique story. Wendy of Caribbean heritage, graduated and became a Teacher of the Deaf, where she excelled and thrived in her position. Louis of English/Irish heritage, followed his physical passion and became a Gym Manager of a London franchise.

Who would have thought a chance meeting of us many decades before, could or would have led to life changing events, a beautiful child, then a realisation that a life threatening event had to be attended to, as a matter of urgency. A further confirmation that our compatibility went beyond even our own imaginations.

Upon the resolution of this uncertain and stressful period emerged the creation of 'wendyandlouis" Athleisure Clothing. 

It represents a universal collaboration of our history and futuristic alignment. The 'Fists" touching encompasses a strength of unity and peace that resides in its connectivity.