Exercise - The importance of...

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Exercise - The importance of...





Whatever you choose to pursue, enjoy it, and stay present in the moment. Repetition of a chosen skill breeds its own master. Warm up, execute, warm down. We are sure you've heard these words a million times before, but what do they mean? 




To us, at wendyandlouis, they represent the crux of exercising. Whatever movement you choose to indulge yourself in, in order for you to try your best to get the maximum gain out of it, you must above anything else simply enjoy it. There is no purpose in pushing yourself to do something you have no interest in, as this will only lead to you never participating in exercise again.




There are many options available, and they need not cost you anything. Thanks to the internet, you are able to search the web to find what grabs your attention. Nor is there any need to become “loyal” to any one form of movement. Flit between as many variants as you please, as long as it keeps your focus and enthusiasm going. 




In order to get the most out of something, it is vital that you develop the skill of “staying present”. Think about the exercise you carrying out, how it is making you move and feel. Submerge yourself mentally as well as physically and you will reap even better rewards. Not only will you feel invigorated throughout your body, but also relaxed and alert in your mind. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins makes you feel good. The more you engage, the better you will find your mental well being, once finished. 



When you start something new you can often feel overwhelmed, and may even think it is something unachievable, but over time as you continue to practice the same thing, your skills develop and the task becomes achievable and more enjoyable. Exercise is exactly the same. It will take time to build up the skills, the suppleness, the natural feeling of moving your body in the certain way, but progress will be achieved only be repeating each exercise. The longer you stick at it, the further you will progress. 



Warming up is vital in order to prepare your entire body, including your mind, for the exercise ahead and to prevent injury. The last thing you want is to be prevented from participating in an interest because your body was not ready. Warming down is just as important in order to relax your muscles by stretching, thus increasing your flexibility,  returning them to normal paced working mode. 




You are the CEO of your own story. Your daily physical pursuits appeases negativity and feeds your future successes. By conquering yourself, everything else will find you. Go on, give it a try!