Food - The importance of...

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Food - The importance of...





“You are what you eat.” We’ve all heard this many times before, but how true is it? We at wendyandlouis believe this to be absolutely the case.  Your being is a reflection of your ingested foods. You feed your physical future on a daily basis. The food you choose will equip you for the challenges ahead. 






Life is a balance of palatable tastes versus expected outcomes. When you feed your body you nourish the mind, which nourishes your entire self. You can adapt taste to feed your goals and ambitions, this is reflected in the practice of athletes preparing for different sporting outcomes. Always take time and thought to deliver taste. Negate corner cutting calories that produce no long term effects. Remember, your desires can be greater than your vices, depending on how serious you are about your outcome. 




Eat with your heart not your eyes. Vacate the temporary highs and replace them with a beneficial plan that feeds you infinite potential. An easy way to remember how to make food more interesting and appealing, as well as nutritious , is to make your plate look appealing, having as many different colours in each meal as possible. Colours reflect different nutrients. The more varied, the healthier the meal. 




Look forward to cooking and eating in order to enjoy your food more. Well balanced meals need not take hours to prepare and cook. Try to eat as many vegetables in their raw state as you can. This ensures that the nutritional value is not lost via the cooking process.  




Preparation is key. Pre-plan your weeks’ meals in advance. Find quick and easy recipes online and food shop accordingly. Other options that are now becoming popular are recipe boxes, and plant based meals. There are an ever growing number of companies that home deliver healthy and varied pre-planned, pre-measured, calorie balanced meals which can be meat based, plant based and vegan,  providing easy to follow cooking instructions.  


                                           "Eat, feel, funtion well".