Massage - The Importance Of...

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Massage - The Importance Of...


Massage is a practice that has been practiced for hundreds of years all around the globe. It was and continues to be used to heal injuries, reduce stress, produce deep relaxation, relieve pain, and cure illness and is a respected, evidence based profession. The oxygen you breathe in and the blood cells you create evoke a wellbeing that will enable you to function at your optimum.  


By receiving a massage, it says “goodbye” to the old you, and delivers a replenishment, both mentally and physically. This duality creates a harmonization which allows you a “peace” and “calm” that serves your mental wellbeing, and will deliver a deeper sleep, during which healing takes place. 





The physicality is enhanced via a surge in circulation across your entire being that forges a blood flow, enabling you to commence your chosen activity with invigoration, or a peace that delivers deep uninterrupted sleep. Your mental preparedness is in a state of calmed readiness for what may ensue. Moving forward, your imagination can deliver on the promises that you made to yourself. 




Regular massage enables the body to transport nutrients throughout the body via a greater supply of blood flow. It helps the body to become more efficient at excreting toxins, giving you more functionality, a greater range of body motion thus increasing the benefits gained when training. A greater functioning of cognitive skills may also be experienced. 




The other beneficial gain of regular massage is in the creation of more “me’ time. Focusing on oneself for a set amount of time each week, allows the feeling of mental wellbeing. The benefits of enjoying the feeling of relaxing and pampering increases the positive feeling of mental happiness and physical healthiness. These positive emotions make you feel on top of the world, and most importantly, “love  yourself”. "Indulge today".